SD Road Trip

At Home Learning Passport

Welcome to the At Home Learning section of the SD Road Trip program!  This section provides you with fun learning activities to do while you are away from the classroom. You will learn about South Dakota history and agriculture through “visiting 22 towns and farms”  creating maps, writing journal entries, creating timelines, reading articles and stories, and completing activity sheets and games. These activities are an extension of the current Road Trip program.  Find background information about each topic by reading the specific ‘town’ information on your Student Dashboard at  Use the SD Passport Map to track your activities as you complete them! To get started, you will need to create an account at Click on the ‘apply’ link at the top of the SD Road Trip home page. 

South Dakota Agriculture 

South Dakota  Social Studies

South Dakota Passport Map

Use the Passport Map to track your ‘travels’ across South Dakota. As you complete an activity for each town, color the star by each town’s name.

Just for Fun!

Teacher Guides

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